Snowmassive Chase – High School Race #3 Race Report

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The third race of this High School Mountain Bike Season was held at Snowmass, a new thrilling venue for our GVYC riders. On this 4.8 mile course, racers would make their way up three different climbs, sections of jeep road, and a fast downhill through the tall aspen trees. Snowmass was the perfect opportunity for climbers to show off their endurance and skill up those zig-zagging switch backs.

The pre-ride was filled with excitement. Since this course was new to everyone, riders were  hyped and ready to finally experience this new course. Emma Edwards, freshman rider spotted three bears among the aspen trees on the pre ride. Now that’s something you don’t see biking in the high desert!

On race day riders settled into the trees to cheer on their teammates. Sean McAnany and Hayden Fox showed their support even if they were unable to compete. 

Anna Respet, a freshman rider, experienced a mechanical towards the top of her last climb and decided to run her bike the rest of the race. Anna’s persistence and drive to finish was incredible and by crossing that line she contributed valuable points to the Palisade team. 

Later that morning Paul English, a senior varsity rider, made great gains. After missing the first half of the season due to injury, Paul came back with a bang. He started in the last row of his field in staging and finished 26th out of 59 varsity boys. 

All of our GVYC riders showed a great deal of mental and physical strength at the Snowmass race. The climbs at this venue were no easy task and I feel so proud of my team and their ability to push through the pain and finish with a smile of accomplishment in the end.

Thanks again for supporting GVYC. This incredible program brings so many wonderful athletes, parents and coaches together through the outdoors and bikes.
-Annika Sisac, senior, Grand Junction High School

Complete race results can be found here:

The next race for the high school teams is the Conference Championship in Eagle on October 6.

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