High School Program: August 1 thru October 31

Welcome to High School Mountain Biking for the Grand Valley!


Did you know that Mountain Biking is the Fastest Growing High School Sport??

Boys and Girls from the Grand Valley area high schools (Grand Junction, Fruita, Palisade, Central) will make up the team. We even have a few folks who reside in this area but attend other schools/home school.

Both experienced and beginner riders are welcome. In fact, we have many riders who barely rode a bike at all before joining the team! Don’t be shy. Your skill level will increase tremendously after a few weeks of practice.

The team is affiliated with NICA, Colorado High School League, and the area high schools.

A great deal of information is over on the high school league website: www.Coloradomtb.org, and we are beginning to have more information on our own website. Please free free to email the team if you have specific questions.

Our Season

The Colorado High School mountain bike league is a fall sport. The season starts about  August 1, and ends at the end of October, with a team celebration finishing up the season at the beginning of November.

Our Grand Valley area High School teams travel (together) to 4 conference races, as well as a state championship race. Athletes from all Grand Valley area High schools are welcome to train and race. While racing is not mandatory, it is encouraged. All Grand Valley area high schools will practice, travel, and race together. The heart of the High School team is skill development embedded in a culture of fun and team camaraderie. Talk to anyone on the team, and they will tell you: the season is so much more than a handful of races!

All riders will need to register with the Colorado League and are responsible for all race fees.

Note that scholarships and loaner equipment may be available. GVYC is committed to making our programs accessible to everyone.  Through the support of our generous sponsors we are able to offer some scholarship support.  Email Melissa for more information  gvyouthcycling@gmail.com.



2020 Dates: Approximately August 1 thru October 21
Practice Days: 3 days per week
Practice Time: 6:00 -­‐ 8:00 (this adjusts as days get shorter)
Minimum # Riders: 6
Rider # Cap: 70
Team Cost: To be determined for the 2020 season.

League Cost: Approximately $70
Race Cost: Approximately $65 (per race)


The team rides together three times per week, of which two are mandatory. All high schools ride together as a team in the either the Lunch Loops or Kokopelli Trail systems. We break up into 4 to 6 groups based on skill level, and always have a great time. Student athletes are accompanied by a small army of volunteer ride leaders and coaches.

The times for practice generally fall from 6 to 8pm, though it moves up a bit earlier in fall because of failing sunlight.

Team get-togethers include spaghetti suppers and trail maintenance days. The season culminates with a team banquet just after the state championship.

Fall 2020 Races

While the team enjoys practicing as one large group, we all race for our respective high schools on race day. It is a wonderful experience to be cheering on not only for your own school, but for the other schools that are in close proximity to your own. Together, the Grand Valley Youth Cycling team comprises one of the larger groups at each race.

Each high school rider wears their own jersey and colors. Points are scored for each high school.

Races are not mandatory, though certainly encouraged. The fee for entry is about $60 per race. The locations range all over Colorado, and become a weekend event. They happen every other week in the fall, totaling four races, plus an additional 5th race for the State Championship (for qualifiers).


(Note all races are on Sunday except the State Championship race which is either Saturday or Sunday depending on your race)

For race updates see the Colorado MTB site http://www.coloradomtb.org


Each rider is required to wear a helmet, goggles/sunglasses, and needs a mountain bike in good working order. Team jerseys for races are required (purchased typically during your first season with the team). Gloves are also highly recommended.

Do not let the state of your mountain bike deter you from joining the team!! You will see crazy $10k bikes, and you will see Walmart specials. Just get out and ride… you will quickly find that no one judges you for the age or wear of your bike (well, maybe if you are riding the $10k bike…then we’ll judge you if you don’t buy dinner for the team).


There are a few separate fees to pay to get you through the season. For first timers, it can seem a little confusing.

TBD for 2020 — First, there is the team fee, which covers the costs of our Grand Valley team. We are lucky to be subsidized by some great sponsors, which keeps your costs lower than they might be.  Students can also earn a $75 rebate by volunteering for the team (short track races, GJ Off Road, race weekends).  Details about this program can be found on our TeamApp

Approximately $70 — Second, there is the “league registration” fee that is paid to the Colorado High School Mountain Biking organization… the fine folks who run the races and promote this sport. As you’ll see on race weekends, this is no small feat. It is quite an organization!

Approximately $65 — Third, there is the per-race fee, which technically is optional since racing is optional. But when you enter each of the four races during the season, you pay this $65 fee (4 races = $260), which adds your name to the racing roster for each race.

All fees are paid online through “The Pit Zone” — which we provide a link to, and is accessible from www.coloradomtb.org. It’s pretty easy to navigate once you do it the first time.

Approximately $40 — Fourth, your jersey. If you plan on racing for your high school, you are required to wear your high school’s jersey. It’s also great to have a uniform that represents your school!

Coaches and Volunteers

This team is supported by an amazing set of volunteers, starting with our head coaches, Geoff Williams and Gerry Verdoner. We couldn’t ask for better leaders for these kids, and their investment in each of their lives is immeasurable.

As much as we love our coaches, Melissa Pipkin, takes the cake. She is the glue that keeps the whole organization together. As the team has grown exponentially since its inception a few short years ago, her work has become more and more complicated. But she does it with an incredibly fun and encouraging attitude.

Our Ride Leaders are critical volunteer staff that allow us to have a ratio of adult leaders to student riders hovering around 6-to-1, which is amazing. Three nights a week, a large group of parents saddle up and ride the trails with our student athletes, and develop a camaraderie with the team that is nothing short of magical.

Finally, each of the parents give back to the team throughout the season, through managing our hectic race days, hosting team dinners, bringing food for the team tent, etc. etc. etc. We couldn’t do it without the parents!